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Content is NOT King!


The phrase ‘Content is King’ has become a mantra for the successful Internet Marketeer and the black-hat SEO consultant alike. It has fuelled my own business and provided me with countless opportunities to connect with individuals and businesses in the UK and Europe, all seeking an advantage over the competition through impressive article content and attractive copy.
I run a creative business that produces both article content and web copy. What’s the difference? Content is generally designed to produce traffic, to bring people to your website. Copy is designed to make the customer click ‘buy’. The difference isn’t subtle, but it is vital.
Quantity vs. Quality
Generally copy equates to quality and content equates to quantity. In the world of SEO web content and copy, that’s just how it plays.
I want to change this. I want a revolution of quality. Content can be high quality, copy can be produced in quantity. High quality copy-style content can be produced in volume. We shouldn’t be filling the Internet, this amazing research resource with meaningless drivel. Paying some computer literate English-speaking writer in the Third World to produce semi-English articles at $1 per page is not helpful, it is content, but it is the lowest quality copy that might get a click, but is unlikely to make a sale. Content generates leads, copy produces sales.
You can employ a so-called SEO expert who doesn’t use writers, they just take articles and put them through the article blender, they use content re-writing software that takes in someone else’s articles and churns them out as article-garbage at the other end. However, if you want customers and not just clicks, you need an article writer. If you want clients you need a content writer to write the articles that will draw their attention to you. Real SEO experts know:
Content is not King. Quality Content is King.
Employing a professional content writer is an investment in increased traffic and sales. It’s more than just raising your ranked position on Google, although that is very important. It’s also about connecting with and effectively communicating with the potential customer or client. It’s sharing an idea, a vision, a service, benefit or product with someone who could gain from what you have to offer. Sharing the benefits by using professional quality content writers means articulating those benefits in an attractive and appealing way that informs the client and educates them about your product or services. It’s not just bringing the horse to water; it’s encouraging it to drink at the same time. If you want the customer or client to search, click and buy from you in one action -
Superior Content is King.

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